Parents please note: Please no
silly string for the party!

Please schedule 2 weeks in
advance and a $20.00 deposit
is required to reserve your
event date.  Deposit refunded
with a 3 day notice of
Birthday Parties up to 16 children
Same as a private party but for kids.  There is only one difference
for kids parties, parents set a budget per child.  Example:  $10.00
per child, four children, each child can build as many pieces they
want but they must add up the pieces to stay in their budget.  A
fun learning experience of math and art in one event.  We have a
kitchenette in our break-room for serving any food or drink items
and there is a pizza place next door to make the event even
easier to order in.

Private Parties
Grab a group of your friends and have the bead shop all to
yourselves to build what ever you want after hours.  Bring wine
and cheese and instead of movie night make it BEAD NIGHT.

2 Hour Minimum, $40.00 per hour.  Includes 2 employees for one
on one teaching in a relaxed atmosphere.  Only other cost is you
pay for what you make.  Depending on the materials you include
in your piece, you should be able to make a necklace for around
$10.00, bracelets $5.00 and earrings for around $3.00.  You will
never by store bought jewelry again.  When people ask about it,
you can take pride in saying that you made it your self!
The same as a private party.  Albertsons, Micron, and Summit Dental have
used our services for their retreats and have left with many beautiful handmade
items to show off in the office.