Rennee and Sonny's Beginning Wire Wrapping Class
$50.00 per person, plus materials
3 people minimum.
We still have free daily instruction and help for your
jewelry making ideas, just bring in your stuff, where you
got your beads does not matter, just come in and one of
our knowledgeable employees can help you with any
questions you might have. Never made Jewelry before?  
We have step by step instructions on 1,300 different
jewelry patterns in the shop that are free for you to look
through and if you see if there is something you would like
to try or take home.  We will copy it for you for $0.25 a
sheet if you want to take it home with you.  We have
seating for 12 people on a first come first served basis
and will walk anyone through the process step by step
until you have a completed piece of jewelry.  
Table Fee,
what is that?  We don't have table fees or sitting fees.  
From 10am to 6pm the shop is yours.
Class sign-up is done in store and a non-refundable $10.00 deposit is required to hold
your spot in the class and must be paid for when signing up.
 Miss the class and the
deposit is forfeit to the store
.  Classes have minimum amounts of people in order to
take place and will not take place if those numbers are not reached.  In the event that
Need to Bead has to reschedule a class the deposit will be transferable to another
class.  Classes take place during store hours and after hours.  Only in the event of an
emergency will the deposit be returned, however, it is ultimately up to the Management
to decide.
For current class information please call
Need To Bead at 208-384-0404.
Or 'friend' us on Facebook for the very latest happenings!